ThirdSide Capital assists owners of privately held businesses in the preparation of and transfer of their businesses. Our clients engage us to create a powerful vision for the transition of their business; a transition that considers all the value they have built.

Working with us provides our clients with:

  • A clear path through the variety of transition options;
  • An empowered approach to the sale, divestiture or continued management of their business;
  • A holistic approach to capturing value;
  • The appreciation of Stakeholders and communities touched by the event.

Businesses all face the prospect of change. Every business will deal with the transition of the principals. But unlike employed executives, entrepreneurs and key operating stockholders create ripple effects throughout their communities when they transition. The negative results of these ripples are the cause of failed assimilations, bad earn-out decisions and seller’s remorse.

ThirdSide Capital works with owners who are considering how they might transition out of their business employing an approach which considers the ecosystem of the business environment as a whole. Our process is not for the meek. But for those business owners who want the power of not only transitioning out of their businesses, but transferring them to the future with intention and care, there is no other alternative.

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